The Bachelor 2020 Power Rankings (Week 4)

Rose Ceremonies are my favorite part of the show, so it was really disappointing that we didn’t have one this week. Here are my power rankings for The Bachelor after week 4.

WARNING: SPOILERS from the fourth week coming.

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  1. Madison (23, Foster Parent Recruiter, Auburn, AL) (+1) — Madison wins the week by avoiding the drama while Victoria P. got dragged down into a battle for survival against a resurgent Alayah. Every interaction Madison has had with Peter so far has been solid and there haven’t really been any bumps in the road.
  2. Victoria P. (27, Nurse, Alexandria, LA) (-1) — The week started out strong for Victoria, when she got to spend some 1:1 time with Peter on the sidelines of the football group date. He mentioned that “It’s happening so fast…and I definitely could see a future with Victoria.” But it soon took a turn for the worse when Alayah came back for blood, challenging Victoria’s characterization of them as not being friends before the show. One of the most telling quotes of the night as when Peter said “I’m just freaked out that Victoria’s not exactly who I think she is.” At the end of the episode, we can see that she’s very upset with him for bringing Alayah back on the show. Victoria should have an advantage in this fight (especially since the other girls are overwhelmingly siding against Alayah), but this will definitely take up time and energy that could hinder their relationship from fully developing.
  3. Hannah Ann (23, Model, Knoxville, TN) (no change) — Not much news about Hannah Ann lately, but that’s probably good for her as it reduces the odds that she becomes the “front-runner villain” like Luke P. last year.
  4. Kelley (27, Attorney, Chicago, IL) (no change) — We did not see much from Kelley this week, but I still expect her 1:1 date to be coming soon.
  5. Victoria F. (25, Medical Sales Representative, Virginia Beach, VA) (+1) — They really overhyped the Chase Rice situation on Victoria’s one-on-one date. Everyone is supposedly getting all worked up because we find out that Victoria…has an ex-boyfriend? Obviously it’s kind of awkward during the date, but afterwards it’s just a funny coincidence rather than something that could RUIN their relationship. Overall her date seemed to go pretty well, and I was impressed by the way she confronted Alayah during the cocktail party.
  6. Sydney (24, Retail Marketing Manager, Birmingham, AL) (-1) — We didn’t see much from Sydney this week, but one comment in particular made me re-evaluate her position. While emphasizing to Peter that the Alayah drama was eating up everyone’s time, she says “you don’t know anything about me.” Although Sydney has received two group date roses, this comment suggests that they’re not as far along in their relationship as we might have thought.
  7. Kelsey (28, Professional Clothier, Des Moines, IA) (+6) — During their one-on-one date, Peter says that Kelsey is a “down-to-earth, no drama, real person.” Just wait till he sees the premiere of The Bachelor this season. To be fair, she did seem different during her date this week, especially when opening up about her parent’s divorce. I just wonder if she’s going to show that dramatic side of her again and change Peter’s mind.
  8. Mykenna (22, Fashion Blogger, Langley, BC, Canada) (-1) — Mykenna came across fairly strong in the season premiere, but she just hasn’t seemed to advance her relationship with Peter as fast as some of the other girls. She does seem to be extremely into him, which eliminates several universes where she might be sent home.
  9. Tammy (24, House Flipper, Syracuse, NY) (-1) — Tammy has some of the best commentary on this show, but we just haven’t seen as much of her relationship with Peter yet.
  10. Alayah (24, Orthodontist Assistant, San Antonio, TX) (previously unranked) — I’ll admit, I was pretty shocked to see Alayah not only get back on the show, but also receive a rose for a group date she wasn’t even on. She actually had a pretty clever strategy, questioning Victoria P.’s characterization of their friendship or lack thereof. Notice that this had nothing to do with the reason why she was sent home! She was sent home because she pressured Victoria P. into not telling the producers that they knew each other, which she didn’t even deny. Alayah’s big mistake was gossiping about Victoria F.’s Chase Rice situation. This contributed to almost every girl in the house siding against her, which will make it difficult for her to progress her relationship with Peter.
  11. Lexi (26, Marketing Coordinator, New York, NY) (-2) — Lexi had some really astute observations when arguing with Alayah, particularly “you’re not coming back to clear your name; you’re coming back to get on the show.”
  12. Natasha (31, Event Planner, New York, NY) (-2) — I like Natasha’s directness in calling out Peter for his indecisiveness.
  13. Shiann (27, Administrative Assistant, Las Vegas, NV) (-2) — Peter’s nickname for her when she was scoring a touchdown during the football group date was pretty epic — Shiann-imal.
  14. Deandra (23, Home Care Coordinator, Plano, TX) (+1) — Deandra was very upset with Peter giving Alayah the group date rose, saying that she has “never felt so under-recognized by somebody.” OOF.
  15. Kiarra (23, Nanny, Kennesaw, GA) (-1) — Haven’t seen a ton of screen time of her all season, which is rarely a good sign.
  16. Savannah (27, Realtor, Houston, TX) (-4) — Savannah was the only girl in the house who took Alayah’s side in her battle against Victoria P. Sometimes this happens when someone who’s fading wants to get some screen time.

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