The Bachelor 2021 Power Rankings — Week 9 (Fantasy Suites) and Final Prediction

Here are my latest power rankings for Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. This will also be my final power rankings for the season now that we are down to the Final Two.

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NOTE: These power rankings account for everything that happens in the actual episodes. They do NOT take into account future episode previews or any spoilers floating around the Internet.

WARNING: SPOILERS from the ninth week coming.


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  1. Rachael, 24, a graphic designer from Cumming, Ga. (no change / 88% probability of winning) — Rachael remains the clear frontrunner as the one woman who Matt has told he is falling in love with. Another clear sign is that Rachael gets a ton of screen time this episode during the other women’s dates. Although she initially struggles with her doubts and insecurities, it’s clear by the end of the episode that she’s 100% all-in and committed to pursuing a future with Matt. I’ll be pretty surprised if Matt doesn’t choose Rachael at the end.
  2. Michelle, 27, Teacher, Edina, MN (no change / 12% probability of winning) — Matt has a strong connection with Michelle, but it just isn’t as strong as his connection with Rachael. Michelle is head over heels with him and would 100% say yes to a proposal, but it looks like Rachael has the upper hand. As I’ve mentioned week after week, Matt has told Rachael he is falling in love with her, but has not told Michelle this. Alternatively, Matt did tell Michelle he is falling in love with her, but the producers decided not to show it — for a reason.

Sent Home:

  • Bri, 24, a communications manager from San Francisco, Calif. (previously ranked 3) — Coming into this week, I felt like Bri’s relationship with Matt had not progressed quite as much as the other two. We did see more of their chemistry this week, but Matt’s connection with her just couldn’t keep pace with his connections with Rachael and Michelle.

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