The Bachelor 2020 Power Rankings (Week 5)

Six people were sent home on this week’s episode of The Bachelor, six more than the number of Democrats sent home after the Iowa Caucuses. Here are my power rankings for The Bachelor for week 5.

WARNING: SPOILERS from the fifth week coming.

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  1. Madison (23, Foster Parent Recruiter, Auburn, AL) (no change) — Madison flew under the radar again this week, but don’t mistake that for weakness. It’s obvious that they have very strong chemistry — just look at the sparkle in their eyes when he gives her a rose at the second Rose Ceremony of the episode.
  2. Victoria P. (27, Nurse, Alexandria, LA) (no change) — Victoria will benefit from Peter sending Alayah home (I assume permanently?). That was pretty much the only roadblock I’d seen so far in their relationship, so Victoria probably emerges a little stronger this week.
  3. Sydney (24, Retail Marketing Manager, Birmingham, AL) (+3) — Peter’s first one-on-one date in Costa Rica was with Sydney, and it went really well. They had a nice helicopter ride over volcanoes and waterfalls, had a nice picnic, and wrapped it up with a very physical make-out session in the water. Peter appreciated her openness about her parents’ divorce and being bullied in high school, and tells her that she’s the best kisser of the group.
  4. Hannah Ann (23, Model, Knoxville, TN) (-1) — Hannah Ann got the group date rose this week, which is always a strong sign and often means a one-on-one date the following week. When presenting her the group date rose, Peter tells her their time together this week “solidified in my mind that our relationship [is] more than just fun and I really can see it progressing.” There’s an argument that Hannah Ann should still be ranked higher because of the first-impression rose, but there’s always uncertainty about how their one-on-one date will go until we actually see it happen.
  5. Victoria F. (25, Medical Sales Representative, Virginia Beach, VA) (no change) — Victoria F. continued to impress in modeling dates, winning the opportunity to be on the cover of Cosmopolitan with Peter. (Apparently this has been rescinded because of her past modeling for ‘White Lives Matter’ merchandise — yikes!) Peter and Victoria seem to have pretty passionate make-out sessions, and he remarks that “I enjoy every second I spend with Victoria F…and it’s not enough.” Definitely a strong contender.
  6. Kelley (27, Attorney, Chicago, IL) (-2) — It’s unusual for someone to fall in power rankings despite receiving a one-on-one date rose. Pretty much the entire date suggested that Kelley would be sent home. Peter questioned how much she’s investing in their relationship, and if she’s actually as into him as he is into her. Based on what I saw on the date, I question it too. For example, when he asked her what she was looking to get out of this experience, she said “I could for sure be, like, engaged,” which was not super convincing. What’s keeping Kelley in contention is that Peter really wants to make it work — he tells her that “we obviously had the strongest initial connection out of anyone.” Pretty strong words. But if he stays true to his statement that “I just want someone who wants me as much as I want them,” I’m not sure he ends up with Kelley.
  7. Kelsey (28, Professional Clothier, Des Moines, IA) (no change) — Peter has a lot of interest in Kelsey, and she’s made it clear that she has a lot of interest in him too, being the first one to say she’s falling in love with him. After Kelsey sneaks out to speak with Peter and tell him about her conflict with Tammy, he gives her a rose (wasn’t sure how to categorize it, so just called it a ‘Random Rose’ in my notes). The fact that he gave a non-traditional rose to someone who said she’s falling in love with him is a strong sign. Regardless of the merits of the Kelsey vs. Tammy drama, Kelsey probably has the upper hand just based on how much Peter is into her. What’s holding her back right now is just how emotional she does get when challenging scenarios emerge. This week there was her mini panic when Kelley got the one-on-one date. She even went as far as to say “I’ll never be okay with [Peter dating other girls]…it’ll never end.”
  8. Natasha (31, Event Planner, New York, NY) (+4) — Natasha and Peter always seem to have decent interactions, but time is running out and she hasn’t gotten a one-on-one date rose or a group date rose yet.
  9. Tammy (24, House Flipper, Syracuse, NY) (no change) — I generally agree with Tammy’s assessment of Kelsey as overly emotional, but she took it a bit too far this week. It’s getting to the point in the show where you really have to be moving the ball forward with your relationship or else you get eliminated. It seemed like several other women in the house (i/e Victoria P., Lexi, and Sydney) who had previously not taken Kelsey’s side in arguments very quickly turned against Tammy. I could potentially see some mix of Kelsey, Tammy, and Mykenna if we are lucky enough to get a 2-on-1 date showdown on Wednesday.
  10. Mykenna (22, Fashion Blogger, Langley, BC, Canada) (-2) — Mykenna’s unique in that she seems to get a lot of screen time that’s neither focused on her time with Peter nor the house drama. Most of the time we do see of her is her worrying about not getting enough time with Peter. Mykenna is one of the most outwardly open to the cameras about her interest in Peter, but time is running out.

Sent Home:

First Rose Ceremony:

  • Alayah (24, Orthodontist Assistant, San Antonio, TX) (previously ranked 10) — As I said in my week 3 power rankings, whenever someone comes back from the dead, they’re usually not around for long. Other than Alayah (who I assumed had the bye from her group date rose), I was 3 for 3 in calling eliminations for this week’s first Rose Ceremony.
  • Deandra (23, Home Care Coordinator, Plano, TX) (previously ranked 14)
  • Kiarra (23, Nanny, Kennesaw, GA)(previously ranked 15)
  • Savannah (27, Realtor, Houston, TX)(previously ranked 16) — Savannah had one of the most aggressive moves coming out of the limo night one, but just wasn’t able to advance her relationship since then.

Second Rose Ceremony:

  • Lexi (26, Marketing Coordinator, New York, NY)(previously ranked 11) — Lexi may always wonder what would have happened if she did what Tammy/Mykenna did and interrupted Peter before the Rose Ceremony to get some time in. But when the leads cancel the cocktail party, they are usually pretty sure about who they want to keep around.
  • Shiann (27, Administrative Assistance, Las Vegas, NV)(previously ranked 13) — As she departed, Shiann cryptically warned Peter about the true nature of some girls in the house without naming anyone specific. I’m guessing the producers told her to say this.

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